Letter to all Ex Members

I received an email today from an Ex Member.

Dear Ex Members

My wife and I are just two, of the thousands of people that have been told by the UK and Scottish Government, to lockdown for 12 weeks.

Good weather has encouraged us all out into the garden, to complete any DIY projects that needed to be done.

So if like me, you find that there is too much television to take it all in, if you’re looking for something to do?

Your Ex Members website still requires your stories of days in the Company.

We appeal to Ex Captains, Officers, Boys, with fathers and brothers, all Ex-Members.

Pipers and Drummers that continued their training in the Company, in Senior Bands like the City of Glasgow Police and elsewhere.

But remember, it’s not all pipes and drums.

We had Ministers, Footballers, Doctors, Bankers, to mention a few.

So right then, your thoughts on paper please?

(or preferably email)

Send them to Alan YOUR Secretary for YOUR website.