The MacIver Collection

This is the collection of tunes written by Alex M MacIver and includes the tune written in his name by Angus Lawrie.

When first we started our quest many years ago to uncover all of Alex’s tunes we were unsure what we might find. It was soon to become evident that Alex had distributed his compositions widely to a large audience. He not only gave his tunes to his pupils but also to many in Gaeldom who were among his wide circle of friends.

Tunes had variously been issued as single items and in complete batches. We knew within a matter of weeks that the number of tunes in his collection was just 29 plus Lindsay’s Wedding Day unaccounted for. However Dan Finlay sourced this one. Most of the tunes were received by us from many sources.

Alex certainly wanted to share his music with all of his connections and he would have been aghast to think that copy write or any other inhibitions could ever apply.

With Lindsay’s tune added in the total became 30. Less than a handful of the tunes were “Traditional” and approximately one third had at one time been published in, the Piping Times, the R.S.P.B.A. Magazine, The Glasgow Collection, Donald McLeod’s books, Seumas MacNeill’s second book etc.

There was no cohesive collection of Alex’s work and most of the original manuscripts had not weathered at all well the passage of time.

We undertook to reproduce in uniform format all of Alex’s work and that exercise has long since been completed and distributed to our membership as a tribute to Alex MacIver and all of those who taught us to become pipers and drummers and part of the dynasty of the 214.

    (277a) Alex M MacIver - close up

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