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NEW VJ Day – The War on Japan Part 3 – Tom McColl

NEW VJ Day – The War on Japan Part 2 – Joe W Noble

NEW VJ Day – The War on Japan Part 1 – 75th Anniversary

Eian Orr

 The BB collection of bagpipe music

 Alex MacIver Radio programme tribute on IslesFM (recording link added)

2020 Reunion and Corona Virus

Appeal from an Ex Member

214 provide a legacy for future Pipe Band Winners

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(277a) Alex M MacIver - close up  MacIver Collection  Sheet Music…. Click for FREE Sheet music and related Historical stories.


This site is for everyone to share in the history of the 214 and Whiteinch.

If you have anything to contribute to the site, photos, stories, please contact us.

The Association is in existence to keep alive the Spirit of the 214.

(The company ceased in 1986 and amalgamated with the 135th Glasgow Company.)

Ex-members meet every year to create and renew friendships,

remembering life experiences of the times they were in the 214!