Alex MacIver – Radio programme tribute.

Listen to the programme here.

I am pleased to announce there has been a great radio programme recorded for IslesFM by Maggie Smith.

Maggie interviews the 214’s Hector Russell about the life of Alex MacIver.

The interview has a great balance of musical input, all tunes being Alex’ compositions, as well as great information on Lewis island life.

Maggie Smith

The timings of the broadcasts are listed below.

Hector advises on the background to it all:-

“One of my first steps in my adventure to source the compositions by Alex MacIver was to find a Lewis connection to aid me in my quest.

I was given the telephone number of Maggie Smith and made the contact explaining the purpose of my approach. I told her that we had already gathered a number of Alex’s musical creations some of which had Lewis connections like Achmore Loch. “Achmore Loch” Maggie enthused saying that not only did she live in Achmore but was looking as we spoke out of her kitchen window at the very loch in question!

This was some years ago and since then I have received every possible assistance from Maggie about Lewis and Gaelic and many related topics.

Maggie is a lady of many talents. She is resident in Achmore in the croft adjacent to where Alex MacIver’s mother was born and brought up.

She is among many other things a writer, a musician, an actress, a historian/researcher a writer and broadcaster.

Maggie had for some time a plan to create two radio broadcasts about Alex and his achievements. The first in English was to cover his piping contribution and the second in Gaelic covering his significant achievements in Gaelic culture particularly in theatre. This was to be two half hour programmes. However such was the volume of material she had collected this plan morphed into an hour long event which will be broadcast next week.

Maggie has been and remains a very valuable ally on “Matters MacKeever” providing much information and contact with several very useful sources.

I thank Maggie for all her assistance and constant wise advice.”

Hector Russell

Click here to go to IslesFM’s website. You then have to click the listen here logo at the top, to listen to the current IslesFM radio programme.

The programme is scheduled to be aired:-

Tue 23rd & 30th June at 7pm

Wed 24th June and 1st July at 12pm

Fri 26th June and 3rd July at 1pm

The recorded programme is now available, listen to it here.