March 2021 Online Gathering

What can I say about last Friday evening’s gathering, other than what a great success it was.

I am only repeating what everyone has said to me.

It was great seeing over 30 Ex-Members online at one point. Tuning in to see how everyone was surviving through these hard times.

A few attentive faces from Friday

The ironic thing was, it was more the younger membership that was lacking in their attendance than the elder. So technology transcends all ages, better to have tried and failed than not try at all.

The membership was tuning in from all across the Globe and the UK.

With some new video footage and ‘Memories’ being the main theme of the evening, a lot of brains were trawled to great effect. The hilarity of some of these recollections was priceless.

Covid-19 and Government guidelines has made the last year very hard for a lot of people.

It was mentioned that this had been one of the best nights in for some, in quite some time.

I personally loved seeing the reactions on everyone’s faces while they watched footage of the 214 pipe bands of the 60’s and 70’s, Lifeboys at Croy Bay, Centenary footage at Ibrox and Inspections at St Tams, featuring PT, Vaulting, Pyramids, Indian Clubs and Presentation of prizes to name a few. All accompanied by relevant MacIver or 214 related music.

Please remember I also announced an appeal for all bandsmen to complete a questionnaire. This is regarding their pipe band career after they left the 214.

If anyone is struggling to access the questionnaire, please contact me and full instructions will be forwarded to you.

The history needs recorded and the only way we can do this is with your help.

I have a funny feeling there may possibly be another online gathering, prior to our delayed annual reunion in October.

It’s up to you.