Alex McIver Book of tunes

As you may have heard or read, there is a book that has been published by the Kinloch Historical Society in Lewis. This is where Alex’ family originally comes from.

The book lays out the work that Hector Russell has compiled for us with the help of Janette Montague. The book has a lot of other historical work added regarding Alex, along with family photos and memoirs which you won’t have seen before.

Alex M McIver (courtesy of Piping Press)

The book has been reviewed by Barry Donaldson in Robert Wallace’s Piping Press website and can be read here.

The book is currently on sale via the Kinloch Historical Society’s website at £15.00 which can be found here.

As previously highlighted on these pages PM Roddy McLeod held a “Recital of Alex’ tunes” during the summer at the Community Hub in Balallan, Lewis.

My next news post will feature this.