New Zealand 214 style.

Ex member Joe Noble was recently invited to judge the inaugural solo drumming competition for the Royal New Zealand Pipe Bands Association.

The competition took place on 1st September in Wellington.

Joe saying a few words before the winners are announced.

While on the North Island, Joe and his wife Lynn made time to visit ex-members Stewart Gorle and Bobby Turner.

Stewart lives in Tauranga with his wife Barbara, and Bobby lives on Waiheke Island off Auckland with his wife Marion.

Joe and Stewart.

Joe & Bobby Turner

Both Stewart and Bobby send their regards to the 214 ex-members and especially to those they played with in the pipe band.

Joe and Lynn left Auckland on 7th September, headed for Argentina where Joe will be involved in workshops with a band in Buenos Aires.

Hopefully we will see some more pictures and hear about Argentina.

Good to see the 214 is still involved on a worldwide basis.

Enjoy your trip Joe & Lynn.